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Victoria Falls Water Supply Upgrading

In Environmental Roadworks

Victoria Falls Water Supply Upgrading


Zimbabwe National Water Authority

(i) Raw Water Channel Upgrading
(ii) Raw Water Pumping Plant and raw Water Pumping Mains Upgrading
(iii) New Water Treatment Plant and Refurbishment and Upgrading Existing Water Treatment Plant
(iv) New Ground Water Reservoirs and Water Towers (elevated storage)+
(v) Raw Water and Clear Water Pumping Mains
(vi) Clear Water Pumping Stations Refurbishment and Upgrading
(vii) Sewage Stabilization Ponds Upgrading and Effluent Disposal/Irrigation
(viii) Solid Waste Management

US$50 000 000-00
Detailed Designs
Construction is in
progress though at a
slow pace because of
funding constraints

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