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Tchafinda Mini Hydro Power Scheme (Moxico Province – Angola) Capacity 3.4 MW

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Tchafinda Mini Hydro Power Scheme (MoxicProvince – Angola) Capacity 3.4 MW



(i) Earth Fill Embankment
(ii) Masonry Weir
(iii) Reinforced Concrete over Weir
(iv) Elevated Canal and Inlet Works
(v) Sedimentation Tank
(vi) Reinforced Concrete Fore bay Tank
(vii) Pen stocks
(viii) Powerhouse
(ix) Staff facilities
(x) Access Road
(xi) Foundations for transmission line

April 2008 – USD 12 Million
Preliminary designs approved by client.
Detailed designs up to 75 % stage submitted to Client and approved.

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